Phone Chat

Phone chat is quite popular for people who are dating. Recent studies have shown that texting and phone calls (normally with cell phones these days) may be the number one form of communication with dating couples. Texting itself may be a much higher percentage of the dating chat that goes on these days, outweighing emails and other forms of communication. Phone chat can occur in many different ways these days whether people are dating or just meeting.

There have been several internet application that allow phone, or phone like chat options around for a while now. You can find people doing phone like vopice chat using a headset, or simply computer speakers. Some people are using phone like devices that allow you talk into a phone headset but that headset is going through the internet using VOIP – services like skype, vonage, and many others offer various types of internet telephony options. There have been a few web sites that allowed users to use other VIOP services, and do things like forward voice mails to allowing users in various parts of the world dial a local number and then be aut-connected to someone else who is also using a local number that sends their phone through he internet VOIP services, giving cheap or free phone services to chat with.

There are local phone lines that you sometimes see on late night TV commercials that promote numbers for people to call and chat with each other in their local areas. Some of these services provide more of an voice mail “leave a message” kind of voice chatting system, and sometimes people use the services to connect and talk to other people live in their area. Many of these phone lines have some kind of semi-hidden charges, such as fees in order to send or receive a certain number of voice mail messages.


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Some people have been using video chat through their cell phones, notably apple iphones have a face chat video system option. T-mobile and other companies have been touting the video chat ca[abilities of the 4G networks and the phones they have available on their networks. There are some apps that are available that allow for things like push to talk and even connected with facebook friends and other people through internet enabled applications. Some web sites have been including mobile chat options, mainly through text messages however.

We will delve deeper into some of the various phone chat options that are available, and open up discussions in the blog comments or forums area to get feedback from other users so we can all share our experiences with the various phone chat options available today.