Virtual Reality

Virtual reality chat means different things to different people. For many people online, virtual reality chat places are more about having an “avatar” often a slightly cartoonized character the moves around a “virtual 3d space”. Some people envision themselves wearing some kind of glasses and then getting a first person view of a virtual world like you have seen in a few Hollywood movies. Ultimately there are differnt types of virtual chat, and within the different types there are many options for enjoying a virtual chat experience.

We have yet to see good options for the kind of virtual reality that we’ve seen in most movies. Maybe one day there will be better options for that kind of chat. A majority of what is available online today that is called virtual reality or 3D chat, is more of a computer drawn world where you can move through, moving around rooms or “vitrually” walking down streets, and where other people’s “avatars” are also moving around these worlds.

There are many options for checking out these virtual chat places and worlds. Most of them run on a windows based PC, but some can work in a browser, and there are some proprietary virtaul chat places like what sony playstation online has with their PS3. The customization options, graphic quality and variety of the environments varies from place to place. Most virtual chat places allow you to customize your character / avatar in at least some ways. The more advanced virtual chat worlds like second life will let you customize everything for your avatar, and even buy, and create in world objects such as furniture.