Windows Live

Windows live and the windows live messenger have certainly been used by many people over the years, it’s popularity has risen and fallen, and risen and fallen. I am guessing that there are people still using MSN messenger, and some of the windows live services, I just don’t know many of these people. I am guessing that some of the newer windows phones may (or may not) have features to use some kind of windows live to connect with the MSN messenger in some way, but I am not getting another windows phone to find out.


messenger scary (from ARS Technica)

If there are other users out there that are using the windows live chat features, then feel free to clue me in on anything new with the system. I got a bad taste in mu mouth for windows messenger some years ago when Microsoft made it so difficult to disable it completely in the early version of windows XP, then they made it an essential running process for some other windows features. I spent many frustrating hours trying to figure out how to disable it years ago, that I have never even considered installing it anew and using it. Besides I have never seen any of my friends say “hey MSN me, or find me on Windows Live messenger”. I have seen some people in other java chat rooms mention that would be willing to show themselves on web cam if anyone else had MSN then they could log onto that and use their hotmail account username to find the other person.

I am guessing with more services such as stickam, pal talk, and chat roulette, that people’s dependency on MSN, yahoo messenger, and the like will be less and less. There was a time when there were not many ways to get free video chat online, and at that time MSN messenger and yahoo messenger were the “go to places” to get software that enables this feature for the masses. In the future I expect to see services such as skype and other services become more popular for video chat. Windows messenger may be a decent go to app if someone had no other application on their system, and needed to video chat without the ability to add additional software to the computer, like being on a PC with a guest account.

Last I checked, windows live messenger was found here.