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Yahoo messenger has probably been used billions of times for text chats and video chat around the world. Yahoo messenger was one of the larger and earliest popular places to get a free IM client that had good video streaming abilities. Early releases of yahoo messenger had options to super-webcam quality if both you and the person on the other end had broadband internet connections and using the yahoo IM. With the ability to find hundreds of users, and often dozens of “real world friends” available through yahoo instant messenger, it has been one of the most popular IM chat clients ever made available.



A free download, good quality, and many online users make for a good service. Yahoo messenger can keep you chatting through the dedicated deskptop client, but can also keep you chatting with other yahoo users and friends when you use ymail or yahoo mail. This gets some people another avenue to use it, even when they are on a computer where they can not download and install the entire yahoo messenger application (like a work computer), when using a web browser to check yahoo mail, another “chat through messenger to your contacts” option becomes available, and other people who have you on thier friend’s list can see you as online, and use their yahoo messsenger to chat with you instantly.

Yahoo messenger being so popular does make it a target for the occasional spam bot. You will sometimes get friend requests or instant messages from spam bots who can have a chat conversation with you for a few sentences, and then suggest you see more of them at some adult chat affiliate site. It’s rare, but does happen to me about once a month, when you have messenger set to send messages to your phone while you are “mobile” – it can be especially annoying to get hit up with some spam bot pretending to know you from school. The send messengers to and from mobile via sms text message is a nice feature when I want to be available to my other computer connected friends.

All in all yahoo messenger is a great IM client. I suggest taking the time to go through all the settings to make sure you are only recoding the conversations you want to, where and when you want to. Also keep an eye out on the yahoo privacy policy and terms of service. As with most free services, getting lots of connections is great, but if your service was disconnected, would there be anyone you could call to try and restore your contact list? The privacy policy that is showing for yahoo email, or ymail right now makes me wonder about the information they are tracking / copying / merging and sharing with other people and companies.


Yahoo-Messenger w voice

I still think skype and a few other services are getter options for doing text, audio, and video chat. The thing is getting all the other people you know, or want to communicate with to all go and get an ID and the client to be online through the same chat service.
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Be sure to really read yahoo’s privacy policies, and take the time to learn these important privacy issues at EPIC dot org