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mega: new chat is up and running!
Anonymous5: Hi
Anonymous8: hi
Anonymous8: are you here?
Anonymous11: Hi
Anonymous21: Hi
Anonymous28: upgrade done!
Anonymous33: hi
mega: It is back and better than before
Anonymous37: hi
Anonymous41: hi
Anonymous54: anyone here
Anonymous58: hi
Anonymous59: hi
Anonymous68: Hi
Anonymous72: hi
Anonymous72: hello
Anonymous82: hello
Anonymous83: name
Anonymous88: hello
Anonymous94: hi all
Anonymous101: where is everyone
Anonymous111: 有人吗
Anonymous123: hmm..
Anonymous130: Hi
Anonymous137: Hello
Anonymous137: surprised

Please follow the rules.
No registration required to use the chat room, certain features like private messages and custom names / avatars are reserved for mega chat place registered members however.
More features coming soon for registered members, including offline messaging and more.